Recopilación de ilustradoras. Parte 2

'Odysseus' and some doomed souls (submarine made by M. Hosticka)

Carrie Liao, Story Artist at Warner Animation Group

Cécile Carre, Character Design, Visual Development, Animation, Illustration … Currently Storyboard Artist at the SPA Studio

Claire Hummel, Art Director for In The Valley of Gods at Campo Santo

Darya Talipova

Donglu Yu, Senior Concept Artist working for the video game industry

Ivanna Liittschwager , Concept Artist, 3D Environment Artist

Kat Katchem,  3D Character Artist at BioWare

Kelly Thompson,  Novelist and comic book

STORYKILLER 2 by Kelly Thomspon

Kez Laczin,  Concept artist / Illustrator

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The ‘Rhino’ #spaceship #art #sketch

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Laurel d Austin, Senior Illustrator at Blizzard Entertainment

Magdalena Dadela,  Character Artist

Marina Trepalina, Freelance Illustrator & Concept Artist

Sanna Nivhede, Character Artist at DICE  

Art by Sanna Nivhede

Shaylyn Hamm, Video Game Artist

Tamara Bakhlycheva,  Senior 3D character artist. Art, video games developer

Yekaterina Bourykina, 3D Character Artist at Riot Games

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3d view on sketchfab
posted more shots, breakdowns, and texture gifs on ArtStation finally got a chance to work on my two favorite main champs! this was a massive team effort! :3 Models and Textures by me MF concept: Charles Liu Soraka concept: Jesse Li Concept Support: Paul Kwon, Aleks Nikonov, Jon Buran Tech Art: Moonyoung Oh, Josh Carey, Aaron Pfau Animation: Brittany Gleiter, Michelle Kelley, Pete Paquette, Drew Morgan FX: Mark Khalil, Christine Hottovy, Aaron Mortensen Sound: Craig Deskins Splash: Esben Rasmussen, Chengwei Pan, Jean Go, Alex Flores, Alvin Lee QA: Katey Anothony Subpod lead MF: Meaghan Bowe, and I Subpod lead Soraka: Megan Bayona DM: Elie Lehman PO: Carlos Giffoni Publishing: Laura Dietrich, Patrick Morales, Zoe Chang, Su Ke, and more! Writing: Ariel Lawrence Thanks for all the feedback from Pio Ravago and the character team! SG Ezreal by Duy Khanh Nguyen SG Ahri by Ryan Ribot #LoL #LeagueofLegends #handpainted #StarGuardian #3dmodel #sketchfab #3dCharacters #GameArt #diffuseonly #YBourykina #StarGuardianMissFortune #MissFortune #cosplay

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Imagen de cabecera: ‘Odysseus’ and some doomed souls (submarine made by M. Hosticka) by Kez Laczin



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